André Torre
INRA Agro Paris Tech
Proximity Team (UMR SAD-APT)
Head of team : André TORRE
The Proximity Team focuses on questions relative to the proximity of different human activities to one another; proximity which can generate constraints or assets in terms of localization. In this framework, our research contributes to the analysis of the dynamics that characterize rural and peri-urban areas, while taking into account social, institutional evolutions and changes in regulations. Our studies concern activities of agricultural production and land use conflicts in situations when land is scarce.
We make the hypothesis that the different types of proximity are key elements in analysing the different ways in which territories are governed, and can help to understand the effects of the process of territorialization of public policies, and particularly the agricultural, environmental and landscape policies which our research targets.
The Greater Paris Region – a privileged field of study – is particularly well suited for an applied study on these questions for it is a region that is characterized by a multitude of cases of proximity of activities and experimentations, and by the juxtaposition of land uses.
Research topic 1: Conflicts and land uses
Our research examines the conflicts and tensions that result from the geographical proximity of the different land users to one another, and how conflict management – and in the process, territorial governance – can be facilitated by developing relations of organized proximity between the different local actors. Concentrating on rural and peri-urban areas, we address issues related to public consumer goods (air, landscape amenities, nature functions), resources (water or energy), waste and pollution, and to situations of neighbouring or co-located uses.
Disciplines : Spatial economics, human geography, sociology (of the law, of organizations and interactions), social psychology of representations, management sciences.
Research topic 2: Proximity agriculture
Our research aims to identify the effects of the different types of proximity on the evolution of agricultural activities and of their functions within peri urban and rural areas. Situations in which agricultural activities are performed in very close proximity to areas with a high concentration of other activities – in particular agricultural activities carried out in close proximity to cities – constitute the core of our research. These agricultural activities are expected to satisfy many needs and requirements in terms of food provision, environmental, economic, landscape, recreational and educational functions.
Disciplines : Technical systems agronomy, sociology of risks and of controversies, spatial, innovation and organizational economics, human geography, social psychology.
André Torre
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