André Torre
My teaching activities have in the last few years shifted to focus on postgraduate education. The lectures that I currently hold aim to present, to advanced students, the results of the research I conduct either individually or with others. This implies that a good deal of my work consists of converting the results of my research into teachable and transferable knowledge.
I mostly teach research or vocational Masters degree students. The heads of these Masters courses not only hire my services as a teacher, but they also seek to develop scientific collaborations; Thus, my teaching activities reflect the university and professional networks I belong to.
My main involvement is in the « Economics, Technology, Territories Master » (ETT) of the Faculty of Law and Economic Science of the University of Southern Paris. As such I am in charge of the lectures in “Economic Geography “( (downloadable presentation) and those intitled « Local Innovation systems and Competitive Clusters » (downloadable presentation), and I also head the « Decentralization and Territorial Economics » Master (see Master DET tab).
I am also in charge, at the National Graduate School of Agricultural Engineering of Bordeaux, of a UV (set of disciplines) intitled « Land Use Conflicts and Territorial Governance » (downloadable presentation). This course consists of five days of lectures provided by experts from different fields: Economics, geography and sociology.
I am also involved, in the University of Corsica, in a more vocational Masters program entitled «Engineering of Ecological Processes » and am in charge of the lectures on « Land use related tensions and conflicts in rural and peri-urban areas ». .
André Torre
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